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Origin Introduction

Tasmania Cherry - Characteristics of Production Area

Production Area

The quality of the fruit depends on where it is grown. The origin, Tasmania has a temperate oceanic climate, which is the best environment for planting cherry trees. However, this climate will also need a slower and longer growth period; the cherries are produced under such congenital conditions will have a crisper and sweeter taste and a larger and fuller appearance. "Tasmania/State" is internationally renowned for being a fruit fly-free region. The strict quarantine control and a complete production history without pests and diseases make cherries don't need to use lots of chemicals to maintain their good harvest quality. The high quality and pure environment of the origin, combined with the world's advanced production technology, have pushed Tasmanian cherries to be the top of the world.

Production Feature

"Tasmania" specially selects high-quality cherry varieties with high cracking resistance. The main cherry varieties grown are divided into Bing, Rainer, Lapin, Simone, Sweetheart, Sylvia, Regina, & Kordia, etc., and the new variety Sweet Georgia, Lapin variant has the characteristics of hail resistance and late production period, which is more competitive in the world market.

Quality Control

The cherry season in Tasmania starts in mid-to-late December and ends around late February of the following year; the peak production period is from mid-to-late January. After the cherries are harvested, they undergo nitrogen freezing treatment and are modernized. Professional equipment is manually packed to meet export specifications and food safety requirements. The food safety and quality assurance system implemented by Tasmania State makes cherry fruits suitable for export to all parts of the world.

Feature of the Product

The cherries exported from Tasmania are larger than other common commercial cherries, with a full and complete shape, a deeply recessed pedicle, rich elastic flesh, a firm and crisp taste, and a sweet and delicious taste. Cherry is known as the "ruby in fruit". It is rich in vitamins, minerals, carotene, anthocyanins, dietary fiber, etc. It not only beautifies the skin, delays aging, but also promotes gastrointestinal motility, and relieves stress. It is the most important superfruit for busy modern people. Great natural food!

Australian Black Truffle - Characteristics of Production Area

In the eighteenth century, the most famous French gourmet, Mr. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, had a vivid description of truffle: "The truffle is the precious diamond of gastronomy. In general, the truffle is A diamond in the gourmet world! ", truffle, caviar, and foie gras are listed as the "Three Treasures in the World", among which "Perigord Black Truffle" is a legendary representative of the truffle world. "Périgord Black Truffle" has the characteristics of rich aroma, uniform texture, and rich layers. Just a few can raise the level of ordinary ingredients. Its uniqueness is by no means comparable to other foods!

Black truffle is a kind of fungus, which mainly grows on the roots of hardwood trees such as oak and hazel. The growing environment is extremely strict, and sufficient sunlight, moisture, and alkaline soil conditions are indispensable. Black truffles release a special aroma when they are mature, but because they are buried deep underground and have different locations, you must rely on trained hounds to find them!

Australia mainly grows "Perigord Black Truffle". In particular, "Winter Black Truffle/Tuber Melanosporum" has a stronger and more fragrant scent and is more popular with consumers. Therefore, every June or July month is also the season when black truffles are abundant in Australia in winter.

  • Fresh winter black truffles are expensive. High-grade black truffles are full of aroma, darker in color, and firm and crisp, but the aroma of black truffles produced by different farms is also slightly different. Fresh and high-quality black truffles should not be cooked at high temperatures, otherwise, the aroma of truffles will be lost; the best way to taste black truffles is to use a special truffle cutter to slice the truffles and place them on top of the cooked food. The heat of the food will induce the unique aroma of truffles. In addition, truffles are paired with milk, cheese, cream, etc., to highlight the distinctive flavor of truffles.

    The fresh truffles are only last for two weeks, and the best taste period is 3-5 days, but with the passage of time, the unique aroma of truffles will gradually disappear. In recent years, farms across Australia have gradually developed various truffle products that can be stored for a longer period of time, such as winter whole black truffle, winter black truffle sauce, winter black truffle mushroom sauce, winter black truffle honey, winter black truffle mustard sauce, winter black truffle salt, winter black truffle rose salt, winter black truffle virgin extra virgin olive oil and other related products, not only can be stored for a long time and convenient to transport, but also allow food lovers from all over the world to taste the unique aroma and flavor of Australian high-quality winter black truffles!

    Characteristics of Australian Cheese

    Mozzarella cheese (Italian: Mozzarella, commonly known as buffalo cheese) is a kind of light soft cheese that originated from the southern Italian city of Campania and Naples. The taste is soft and slippery, refreshing and delicious. There is a touch of frankincense. Mozzarella cheese contains a lot of calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is very nutritious and easy to digest with low-fat content. The ripening period of mozzarella cheese is 1~3 days. Because of the high moisture content of mozzarella cheese, the texture and taste are more suitable for salads and fruits. If heated, the soft texture allows mozzarella cheese to slowly melt into the food in the oven.

    Once you have eaten fresh mozzarella cheese, other processed products such as mozzarella cheese that are kept in cold storage are simply incomparable! And fresh mozzarella cheese has high water content, pure white color, round and pleasing appearance, rich milk flavor and smooth taste, making it an excellent partner for various tomato dishes.

    However, there are actually many types of mozzarella cheese and not every mozzarella cheese can be called "buffalo" cheese;

    1. Buffalo Mozzarella:

    Buffalo cheese has always been loved by gluttons. In addition to the more precious raw materials, its price is also high. As the name suggests, fresh buffalo milk must be used as the raw material when making it. It originated in the Regione Campagna in southern Italy. The flavor is rich and has a little game. It is completely different from the mozzarella cheese made from normal milk. The best time to enjoy it is within a few hours after the production is completed. This cheese is recommended to taste the original flavor with some sliced tomatoes, a few drops of virgin olive oil, and a little winter black truffle rose salt.

    2. Buffalo Bocconcini:

    This cheese is small in appearance. The name Bocconcini originally means “mouth” in Italian. In other words, it refers to a bite-size, which is very suitable for pickling, or it can be made into a salad with cherries and small tomatoes. The taste is very harmonious!

    3. Ciliegine/Cherry Bocconcini:

    Ciliegine is a little bit smaller than Bocconcini. This term originally meant "cherry" in Italian, so the size can be imagined. There is little difference between these two kinds of cheese, and they can be used interchangeably with each other. You can try to skewer this mini mozzarella cheese and small tomatoes with cotton thread or bamboo skewers and make a mini version of Capri Salad to reward yourself.

    4. Perlini/Baby Bocconcini:

    Perrini cheese is the smallest mozzarella cheese, each of which is the size of a pearl. It is suitable for Panzanella salad, simple pasta, or tomato tower. The small size cheese allows it to melt faster without releasing too much water.

    5. Smoked Mozzarella:

    Any size and different type of mozzarella cheese, whether it is made of buffalo milk or fresh milk, can be smoked to add an aroma. It is often smoked with walnut or cherry wood to create beautiful golden skin, bringing earthy and intricate flavors. Smoked mozzarella cheese is very suitable for melting after heating, whether it is sandwiched between tomato sandwiches or spread on pizza.

    6. Burrata:

    Whether it is made from buffalo milk or ordinary fresh milk, Burrata cheese is the richest of these mozzarella cheeses. At first glance, it looks like fresh mozzarella. The cheese is no different, and they are all-around balls, but if you look closely, they look more like a small bag. The filling of the burrata cheese is made by soaking the soft curd pieces produced during the production of mozzarella cheese in fresh cream, so the taste is more rich and mellow. When slicing it, the soft and smooth cheese will slowly flow out, and you can enjoy its simple milky fragrance when you apply it to the bread. Burrata cheese is also a great partner for various appetizers, salads, pasta, and pizza.